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Our Staff

Our staff consists of a leadership team, our teachers, administrative, caretaking staff,  and teacher aides.  The school operates in two syndicates. The Junior syndicate consists of the Pikiake Team (Yr0-1) and the Tuputupu Team (Yr2-3) while the Senior syndicate is the Whanake Team (Yr4-5) and the Panuku Team (Yr6).

All our teaching and learning practices are guided by our school vision of "growing active learners who make a positive difference." All staff members are integral in supporting our learners to achieve a shared vision. ​


YEAR 0-1

Room 1: Jill Raines  
Room 3: Kerrie Little & Simone Nair*
Room 4: Danae Brodie  
Room 5: Fiona Bendall
Room 6: Melody O'Connor

* Team Leader, Simone Nair


year 4-5

Room 15: Claire Sullivan*
​Room 16: Ben Nathan
Room 17: Rochelle Henry
Room 21:  Kelly-Anne Foskin
Room 22: Michelle Thompson

* Team Leader, Claire Sullivan



Room 18: Imogen Field
Room 19: Sarah McMenamin
Room 20: Alice Saunders* 

* Team Leader, Alice Saunders

specialist staff

LSC/ SENCO: Catherine Eichmann
Reading Recovery: ​Kerry Jones

Classroom Release Teachers:
 Vanessa Lyle, Imogen Pirangi, Andy Dwyer


ESOL: Nicole Young

Teacher Aides: Anna HillSarah Bassett, Debbie Clifford


Office Manager: ​Elaine Neville
Office Assistant: Juliet Harper
Admin Support: Elaine Blake


Property Manager: Logan Smith
Resources/Librarian: Amanda Davies