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What are the new uniform items?

As part of the new visual identity for our school, we have created a fantastic new uniform for our tamariki consisting of a blue BPS t-shirt, a whānau group shirt (available in the four whānau group colours), shorts, basketball singlet, a pullover hoodie and a bucket hat.

Is there a change to the school's uniform policy?

Yes, previously our limited school uniform was completely optional. Now, our policy is that all students will be expected to have one blue BPS t-shirt. When children are offsite representing the school (sports or trips) they will be required to wear this blue BPS t-shirt - this will ensure improved visibility and safety for our students. Children will also be expected to wear the new school bucket hat, and their whānau group t-shirt on certain occasions (see more information below).

The rest of the uniform remains optional in 2022 including what students wear on their bottom half. We do have great unisex sports-style shorts available but these are optional. The shoe policy (own choice but no jandals) remains.

How do I purchase the new uniform?

All our uniform items are available through NZ Uniforms. Their Webshop offers internet banking, credit card and Zip/AfterPay purchase options, and also WINZ subsidy options to make it easier for every family.

What do I need to buy?

Our school Board is kindly gifting every child ONE blue BPS t-shirt and ONE bucket hat in 2022. You will, however, have to purchase your child's whānau group t-shirt. From 2023, students will be gifted a BPS bucket hat but will need to purchase remaining uniform items. All other items are optional at this stage, but you are of course welcome to purchase further items if you would like your child to wear them.


Can my child try the uniform on to work out sizing? Will you have stock in the office?
You can only shop online via the Webshop. We have a full size set in the office for you to try on for sizing. Alternatively you can use the sizing chart from NZ Uniform on our uniform product specifications on the Webshop. Or click here - SIZING CHART

Does the school make profit off the uniform sales?

No, we have opted to keep the costs as low as possible to make the uniforms affordable for all.

Do you have second hand sales?

Not yet, however this may be something that the PTA may run in the future.

Is the full school uniform going to become compulsory for all students?

Our uniform will remain optional for daily wear in 2022. However the Board wishes to review this and will be surveying the school community in Term 3. Any change would be advised in Term 4 so that parents have enough notice to prepare should they need to purchase new uniform for 2023.

Can my child wear the uniform every day?

Absolutely. We would love our tamariki to embrace the full new school uniform. It has been designed to be practical, comfortable and durable for daily use.

When do they wear the whānau group t-shirts?

We will have whānau group events where the children will be expected to wear their whānau group t-shirt e.g. Athletics Day. The whānau shirts can also be worn anytime apart from when students are offsite representing the school where we expect all students to wear the blue BPS t-shirt. If you aren't too sure what whānau group your child is in, please email their teacher.

My child is in Year 6 in 2022, do we need to buy anything?

They will be provided with a blue BPS t-shirt and a bucket hat to wear. We strongly encourage Year 6 students, as leaders in the school, to have a whānau group t-shirt and wear this on whānau days. Other uniform items are optional at this stage and this won't change in 2022.

Who is the singlet for?

Only Year 6 students can purchase and wear this singlet at school. It is a double-sided, reversible basketball-style singlet. We know Year 6 students like to have a special piece of clothing to identify them as the 'big kids' of the school and that they are responsible enough to use sunscreen (always available in class and encouraged by the teachers). If your child plays basketball for the school they will need to buy a singlet to wear at games, these can be purchased directly from the school office.

If my child loses their hat or the blue BPS t-shirt, will they get another one gifted from the school?

No. Replacement hats and additional blue BPS t-shirts will need to be purchased from NZ Uniform Webshop

Can I name my child's uniform items?

You can pay for each item to be labelled directly at NZ Uniforms for only $4 each item. Please bear in mind if you name it, you can't return it if the size is wrong. You are welcome to use your own labelling system.

Who do I contact if I have a question or an issue with ordering?

Please ring NZ Uniforms on 04 282 1199


• You will be GIFTED your child's first blue BPS shirt and a bucket hat from the school Board.

• You will only need to PURCHASE your child's whānau group t-shirt in 2022. You are welcome to purchase other items.

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Please note:  These images are concepts only and not the final designs. Colours will vary on different devices. 

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